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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Woman Injured In Pipe Burst

A woman’s legs were broken after a torrent of water - caused by a burst pipe - crashed through her home in Moseley Park, near Pinetown.

Premilla Rajmohan, 56, was sweeping her lounge on Wednesday when the pipe that ran alongside her home in Rushbrook Road gave way and unleashed thousands of litres of water. It tore down the wall of her house, and she was pinned under a slab of concrete and household furniture.

The rush of water tossed Rajmohan’s furniture around her home like toys, and caused a mudslide that filled a section of her lounge.

Her son, Sanesh Hansraj, who was at work when the pipe burst just before 9am on Wednesday, rushed home when frantic neighbours called him.

When he arrived minutes later, his mother’s lower body was still pinned underneath the rubble. Outside his yard, his bakkie, which is usually parked alongside the pavement, sat precariously on the bank’s edge, which had earlier given way to the surge of water.

Had the bank eroded more, Hansraj’s bakkie would have crashed into his home.

“I was terrified when I got there and saw my mother trapped,” he said. “My only concern was for her and to free her.”

Along with concerned neighbours, Hansraj used a hammer to break through a lock on the gate to reach his mother.

His neighbours helped to lift the rubble off his mother while he freed her.

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