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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Fire Causes $150,000 In Damage

Investigators think some oily sawdust that spontaneously combusted was the cause of a two-alarm fire Thursday morning at a Saskatoon Co-op Home Centre in the city's north end.

Fire crews were called to the centre on Avenue C North at 4:42 a.m. CST after someone saw flames and smoke pouring from the building.

The fire was most intense in the back portion of the building, and apparently started at the lower part of an outside wall.

Flames spread up the wall and into the attic area.

Crews broke through a door, removed some metal cladding and went inside to fight the fire.

The blaze was under control in about an hour.

According to Assistant Fire Chief Dan Paulsen, officials have a pretty good idea what caused the fire. Some time ago, a linseed oil-based deck preservative had been accidentally spilled and then cleaned up using sawdust.

The sweepings were placed in a plastic garbage pail near the south west wall.

Over time, linseed oil can spontaneously ignite if allowed to be in contact with organic material in a closed space, the fire department said.

It's estimated the fire caused about $150,000 in damage.

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