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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Sheriff's Office Suffers Water Damage

MEDINA — April Fools’ Day was not so funny for Medina County Sheriff’s Office employees Friday morning when water damage was discovered on the facility’s ceilings.

Chief Deputy Ken Baca said about 40 percent of the ceilings at the sheriff’s office have received moisture damage over the past few months. A large part of that occurred late Thursday, as moisture seeped through the roof of the building following a snowy Wednesday, he said.

“It’s throughout the whole building,” Baca said. “Our jail administrative office was really hit with the latest dose.”

Water is visible in light fixtures and ceiling tile in the sheriff’s office kitchen area, offices of detectives and the jail administration office. There are also scattered stains along carpet and floor tiles in parts of the building, Baca said.

The sheriff’s office opened July 1996, and the roof is guaranteed by the building contractor for at least 20 years, Baca said.

He noted the contractor for the sheriff’s office was scheduled to visit the facility from Florida to inspect the water damage Friday.

Baca did not have a repair estimate Friday.

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