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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Woman Struggles With Flooded Basement

An Ajax woman is livid after her basement flooded due to seeping water and she blames work on an empty lot behind her home for the damage.

Adriana Guirguis has lived on Locker Drive for more than 20 years. Behind her home sits an empty lot fronting Magill Drive which is slated for eight homes to be built by Beachview Homes. She says the developer began excavating last summer.

Ms. Guirguis said as the snow melted, water from the site caused flood damage to her home which she first noticed on March 8.

"I went to the basement to pick up a bottle of rum and bent my knees to the carpet and they were wet," said Ms. Guirguis. "By an hour or so, over two shop vacs were full, by that time I was concerned."

She found out the next day that one of her neighbours was also experiencing flooding. At the peak, she had an inch and a half of water in her basement, damaging carpets, laminate and her walls and causing the growth of mould and mildew, she said.

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