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Monday, May 14, 2012

Burst Pipe Floods Community Center

A burst pipe in a second-floor men’s restroom flooded portions of St. Joseph Community Center today.

The water flowed through the ceiling and into the lobby outside the U.S. Veterans Affairs clinic in the center.

Marc Mapel, president of Energy Management Specialists, said the water to the building had to be shut off for a time while the leak was repaired.

Cleanup of the damaged ceiling tiles was already underway on the first floor, but there are still inches of standing water in parts of the building, including the Gould Auditorium.

The water damage comes at a time when the future of St. Joe’s is at a crossroads. Lorain city and Lorain County officials are trying to convince the state to support a deal to help keep the cash-strapped center operating.

Others, primarily county Commissioner Tom Williams, have questioned the wisdom of further investment in the aging former hospital.

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