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Monday, May 14, 2012

Creek Floods Basement in Patchinsville

Not again. This was the sentiment of Wayland resident Sheila Palmer and town officials as her basement flooded for the second time since April 2011.

The first time it flooded, she lost everything in her basement and had to replace her furnace and hot water tank on her own dime, having been denied flood insurance.

Palmer wasn’t the only residence that had trouble that year. Steuben County declared a county-wide disaster, and after town officials asked Steuben County Soil and Water Conservation District to clean out the brush and debris clogging Little Mill Creek, which runs just feet from her house on County Road 90, Jeff Parker, conservation district manager, had 35 other stream emergencies to deal with all on his own.

Parker obtained stream emergency permits from Department of Environmental Conservation, and was set to go on Mill Creek before the cutoff date of Sept. 31.

The stream is protected from Sept. 31 to May 15 due to trout spawning.

But when Parker’s equipment broke down, he missed the cutoff date, and had to wait. Wayland wasn’t the only area Parker couldn’t finish, but he said he was able to finish work on more than half of the 35 streams.

When flooding hit Palmer’s residence this time, the damage was worse. Palmer discovered her basement was flooded early Friday morning when she awoke to get a drink of water. When no water was coming out of her faucet, she proceeded to her basement to see why.

The water had arisen about a foot from the rafters of her basement. “My [basement] stairwell was floating,” she said.

Perkinsville Fire personnel arrived on scene soon after they were called a little before 4:30 a.m. NYSEG was called to cut electrical power to her home to prevent a fire.

“It’s got to be taken care of. I can’t do any more,” she said on scene Friday.

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