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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Bathroom Pipe Bursts, Floods Library

Disaster was averted in Phillips Memorial Library on the morning of Easter Sunday when a burst pipe was discovered in the first floor bathroom. A high-pressure water pipe leading to the urinal in the men’s bathroom had sprung a leak around 1 a.m., sending gallons of water into the library.

The leak was discovered a few hours later and the water in the library was shut off to stop the flow of water. By the time the leak was stopped, the water had soaked the carpet of the first floor, reaching almost to the front doors. The water had also made its way down the stairs to the basement, but the raised floor of the Tech Hub prevented much flooding there.

Workers from the Physical Plant were called in to remove furniture from the flooded areas to limit the damage from the standing water. The school also hired Polygon, a water removal company from Andover, Mass., to come in and direct the drying process. The school’s goal was to have the library usable by the time classes started on Tuesday and fully dry by Accepted Students’ Day on Saturday.

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