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Monday, March 28, 2011

Burst Pipe Floods University

A pipe burst on the east side of Lee House on Thursday afternoon, causing the eastern and middle sections of the Lee 1 and 2 to flood with about an inch of water.

Students on those floors have reported damaged property. Wet items were sent for dry cleaning that was paid for by the Washington University. Students who were unable to sleep in their rooms because of the flooding are being relocated to dorms with empty rooms.

The relocated students will be returned to their rooms by midday Saturday. Their possessions are also expected to be returned by then.

The University had been testing the sprinkler system on Lee 2 when pipes on both floors burst. Water flowed out of the pipes for three to four minutes.

Alex Ellis, a Lee 2 resident, said he heard a noise that sounded like a “loud fan.” When he looked down the hall, he saw a pipe gushing water that was seeping toward his room. He shut his door and alerted the rest of his floormates.

“I just stood there in the water, because I didn’t know what to do,” Ellis said. “I threw everything on my bed, so I was lucky. It didn’t look like there was too much damage, but other people had some stuff [damaged].”

Chris Harris, another Lee 2 resident, said that a valve on the water sprinkler system was loose, and burst when it was tested.

“It was like a big water spout,” Harris said of the burst pipe.

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