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Monday, March 28, 2011

High School Set To Reopen After Flood

Greenwood -- Center Grove High School will reopen today after a broken water pipe flooded classrooms and caused classes to be canceled Thursday.

Still to be decided is whether the school will need to schedule an additional class day to make up for Thursday's lost time.

All of the school's scheduled makeup days already have been scheduled to compensate for time lost to snow and ice last month, and one extra class day already had been added, said Assistant Superintendent Bill Long.

A 3-inch water pipe broke early Thursday, flooding a nurse's office, guidance office and several classrooms at the school, 2717 S. Morgantown Road. Administrators had hoped to start classes two hours late, but all classes were called off.

The water line that broke was inside the school, and a repair crew had to dig underneath the building to make repairs.

Long said the school will ask for a waiver from the Indiana Department of Education so it is not required to have another day of classes to make up for the lost time.

School districts are required to have 180 class days each school year and must make up for time lost to weather and other emergencies.

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