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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Flooding Still An Issue in Langford

Langford residents are still trying to clean up after overnight flooding. The creek near town overflowed in to town and right into people's homes.

The city of Langford always keeps in eye on the creek. Everything looked good when they went to bed Thursday night, but by 2 AM it was a completely different story.

"I was standing on the front porch and immediately to the right of me I heard a crunching sound and the light from the basement shown through," Langford resident, Michelle Kelly said. "And it just started crumbling into the basement and the water starting rushing in."

At least a half dozen homes got water in their basement, but the two on the corner got it the worst when water actually crashed through the walls in the basement, filling it up with water.

"I was really worried when I saw where it was because it was right under my daughter's bedroom and I was trying to scoop her out and run," Kelly said. "That was my concern."

The creek collects snow melt from the hills just east of here and normally it can handle it, but snow and ice blocked its path and the creek overflowed. Workers were out very early this morning sandbagging and clearing the snow. Blair Healy was there. He has been the city's utility manager for fourteen years.

"This is probably the worst I've seen," Healy said. "It's happen 2, 3, 4 times probably before. It's a lot worse this year than any."

Michelle and her two kids got out safe.

"Well for now, I'm moving in with my parents," Kelly said. "They're going to let me stay in a room there and then I don't know.

Michelle says she needs to get the water out before she can asses how much she actually lost.

There is a lot of snow still left to melt so they will keep a close watch on the creek through out the spring.

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