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Friday, July 15, 2011

Heavy Rain Floods Homes

The wild weather that slammed many parts of the province this week has caused heavy damage to public infrastructure and farms.

The Moncton area continues to dry out after being drenched by heavy thunderstorms on Tuesday night.

City crews spent Wednesday working roads after the rain caused one pipe to rupture near the Petitcodiac causeway and some residents were mopping up flooded basements.

The heavy rains caused a pipeline to burst beneath Highway 15.

Ross Fisher, an engineer with the provincial Department of Transportation, said the pipe burst because there was so much pressure in the pipe from the heaving rains.

"Unfortunately, the pipe came apart right underneath the roadway and the water leaked out of the pipe at that location and created a hole in the road," Fisher said.

The storm damage wasn't limited to solely infrastructure.

Don Morehouse, a public works official with the city of Moncton, said 16 homeowners called in with flooded basements.

While the homeowners are cleaning up now, Morehouse said the next step is for them to prepare for future storms.

"It's an opportunity for the homeowner to look at their property and typically see if there's any way they can mitigate any type of flooding on their property," Morehouse said.

The deluge of rain broke a 70-year-old record for precipitation. The city had 38 mm of rain fall in 24 hours, which is six mm more rain than fell in 1941.

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