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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Resident Comes Home To Sewer Damage

Some residents left their homes perhaps knowing that the water would overtake them, others did what they were told, holding onto hope that all would be well. In Burlington, many people have been able to return, at least during daylight hours. And while things may have looked OK on the outside, some found a big problem on the inside.

When Juli Munday packed up her home last week, she did it with confidence. She`s a safe distance from the Des Lacs and Souris Rivers. But she walked in her door to find a basement full of sewage.

"It sucks, because I was safe," said Munday.

Munday and her two daughters are spending their day pumping the sewage into the street. The basement is hot, muggy and full of water, and the damage is showing. Mold is growing by the second.

Munday said, "I don`t even know how to describe it, but I gag when I`m down there."

When they got word they had to pack their things, they did. They moved everything from the basement upstairs, except some holiday boxes.

Like others in Burlington, they can`t stay overnight. They just come in during the day and get as much work done as possible. Then they go back to the grandparents. But no matter how loving a grandparent can be, it`s still not home.

And Munday reassures her daughters, their life will get back to normal, eventually.

You should also check with your power company before heading back home to find out about any potential electrical problems.

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