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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Heavy Rains Flood homes in Wasatch

A heavy downpour triggered flooding in homes near 5400 South and the Jordan River on Tuesday.

More than 20 homes along Brandonwood Drive had water in their yards and homes. Rivers flowed through backyards and garages and filled basements.

Some homes had 4 to 5 feet of water in their basements. Power to the area was cut.

The flood filled Kelly Wardell’s basement. Wardell and her family just moved into the home after spending months finishing the basement. “It kind of sucks, but we’ll get it fixed somehow.”

Neighbors say the flood struck quickly. It a matter of minutes the rain had filled a drainage ditch between the subdivision and 5400 South. Once that ditch overflowed, the water had nowhere to go but through the neighborhood.

A lot of the flood had to do with the heavy afternoon downpour, but some residents also blamed a Salt Lake County project to repair a broken storm drain.

The flood took out Barb Warner’s back fence. She says the county said it would repair the storm drain back before Memorial Day. “They’ve known for two months that pipe was broken,” said a frustrated Warner. “Today that pipe totally collapsed and the water came rushing down. The frustrating thing is that they had two months to fix it and they didn’t do anything.”

Salt Lake County Public Works Department was not immediately available for comment, but late Tuesday afternoon work crews were seen at the site of the storm sewer.

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