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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Flood Victims House Robbed of Tools

A flood victim struggling to rebuild his home is now the victim of a crime. Someone broke into his home and stole all his power tools.

Months after the September floods, people are still rebuilding their homes and their lives. Now comes word that someone broke into a flood victim's home and made off with power tools.

"How could somebody be that low to go into someone's house and take their stuff?" asked flood victim Robert Reed.

He was using the tools to repair his flood-damaged home.

"Air compressors, air nailers, circular saw, power drills, nailers," Reed listed the stolen tools. "I just purchased battery-powered drills and a new impact gun and that's probably $500 or $600 right there."

The damage to Reed's home is so bad he is living in a camper.

"People are down on their luck. We need these tools to rebuild our lives and when they're gone you have to buy more. I wish it didn't happen," Reed added.

Just down the street, a contractor who is working on another flood-damaged home is just learning of the break-in. He is taking action to make sure he is not a crime victim.

"I will probably take my power tools home when I leave in the evening now," said Rich Picca of Picca's Garage Sale and Service. "It wouldn't take much to break into these homes."

Flood victim Steve Rugletic said Reed is not alone.

"My power tools were stolen. The first day when the water receded I came back and my power tools were stolen from the side of my house," Rugletic said.

Investigators ask if you know anything about the burglary on Chittenden Street in Duryea to call 911 or give Duryea police a call.

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