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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Several Businesses Damaged in Strip Mall Fire

Several stores in Northeast Albuquerque have boarded up their windows after a fire gutted at least one shop in a strip mall off Wyoming and Montgomery.

About six businesses are closed at least for Wednesday, some for much longer.

As of right now, fire investigators still don't know what sparked the flames.

Instead of the holiday shopping rush, several business owners are dealing with the aftermath of a fire that gutted one shop and damaged a handful of others.

The call came in early Wednesday morning, just before 2 p.m.

"The Battallion Commander said there was smoke was smoke from ceiling to floor and they couldn't even see when they got here," said Brett Stalls, the co-owner of House of Soccer.

He says this could be a big financial loss, in a season where they usually play catch up.

"It could be a big one, yeah, unfortunately," Stalls added. Stalls says it's mostly smoke damage, so they're hoping they can salvage at least some of the merchandise. He says when they got the call Wednesday morning, they imagined the worst.

But, House of Soccer fared better than It's A Girl Thing, the space they once occupied.

"A lot of old memories, you come up and see the glass shattered and broken out and all smoke/fire damage in there."

As for now, Stalls says they'll take it day by day.

"I can't say, come see us, right?"

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