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Friday, January 27, 2012

Burst Pipe Floods Bonavista Complex

Roughly 50 seniors were forced Friday night from their suites at a retirement home after a broken sprinkler line flooded part of the building.

Fire crews arrived at apartment block, at 11800 Lake Fraser Drive S.E., just before 8:30 p.m. after a waterline ruptured in the ceiling of the fourth floor of the north wing.

The water seeped down through three other floors.

The residents will likely be displaced for several days, according to the fire department.

While crews mopped up the mess, contained to one wing of the four-storey, multi-unit complex, residents were relocated to an unaffected wing, and many gathered in the dining room.

It was later determined residents were going to be displaced for a few days.

Although the cause of the flood is still under investigation it appears the rising mercury might have played a role.

“As temperatures start to rise, often some of the frozen pipes that have ice in them start to thaw, exposing the cracks that have been cause by the cold,” said battalion chief Ernie Molineaux. “That could likely be the cause.”

While most of the affected residents left the building to stay with family or friends, the rest will receive help from the city in finding accommodations, said Molineaux.

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