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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Neighborhood flooding Brings Sewage

Heavy rains cause some flooding problems in parts of the Metro. In the Presidential Hills subdivision off Highway 49, residents who live on James Garfield Circle were trapped. Naji Boyd is frustrated, and he wants the city of Jackson to fix this ongoing problem.

"For older people, like myself, have to walk through there. It makes no sense," comments Boyd.

Danier Randel blames debris for backing up the sewage drains.

"The city will come but today they came and they just surveyed it instead of bringing crew members to get it under control," recalls Randel.

The flooded streets also cause an inconvenience for school buses trying to drop children off at their homes.

"The school bus will stop at the street not in the flooded part to keep the children and the parents have to drive their cars up to meet the bus," explains Randel.

She adds the flood waters also cause sewage to back up in people's homes.

A city spokesperson tells us they have received only two complaints about this street in the last six months. They say a crew will be sent out to inspect the storm inlets.

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