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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Burst Pipe Floods Nursing Home

A burst sprinkler pipe on the second floor of St. Gabriel Villa Dec. 29 caused the nursing home to be evacuated.

The water escaped the pipes from the second floor and made its way to the first floor core area, where staff made efforts to contain the water, according to a press release issued Jan. 3 by the Chelmsford long-term care facility.

Upon notice of the leak, the water to the facility was shut down. However, as a result of water exiting the sprinkler pipes, the fire alarm was automatically triggered and the fire department was notified.

Upon arrival and initial assessment of the flooded water, the fire department requested that the electricity and generator system be turned off.

Due to potential hazards, and safety and comfort of residents, an evacuation was called as a precautionary measure until the spill could be cleaned up and all safety risks ruled out, the press release said.

The actual cause of the fissure in the sprinkler pipe is still under investigation, the press release said.

In terms of preventing this type of leak from occurring again, “a written request has been sent to experts in the field in order to obtain that information,” according to the press release.

Residents were transported to the Lionel E. Lalonde Centre in Azilda by bus, Handi-Transit and ambulance, with all arriving residents by about 3:30 p.m.

The evacuation effort went “without incident,” the press release said.

There was no structural damage reported as a result of the leak, the press release said.

The extent of the residual damage to the building (for example, the floors and ceilings), is still being assessed.

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