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Monday, January 23, 2012

Fire Damages Apartments in Eugene

A large plume of black smoke hovered over downtown Eugene after an apartment complex caught fire Monday morning.

It happened just before noon at the Brookstone Apartments on 8th Avenue.

When fire crews got to the scene, there were flames coming from the first floor of a multi-unit complex.

The blaze heavily damaged one downstairs unit and caused smoke and heat damage to some neighboring ones.

"There's always a big risk when you have that much fire volume in one that it extends to another. And since they're all occupied or presumed to be occupied by an entire family, there's significant challenges when it comes to clearing the building quickly," said Eugene District Fire Chief Scott Bishop.

Crews were able to safely put out the flames.

Eugene police assisted in evacuating tenants.

No one was hurt.

Crews are still investigating the cause.

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