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Monday, August 22, 2011

City to Check Sewer System

Frustrated South Windsor homeowners ripped out soggy carpets and drywall Friday while trying to rid their basements of sewage stench after an intense storm Thursday caused flooding.

Mayor Eddie Francis said public works officials were looking into the problems on several streets in the Cabana Road areas of St. Clair College and St. Gabriel Catholic school, but were unable to explain what went wrong.

"This was something quick and not prolonged like successive rainfalls over a month," the mayor said. "Some people had flooding in their basement for the first time in years.

"Something doesn't add up because with the rainfall we had, people should not have been experiencing what they did. We've got our engineers investigating what's going on."

Sandy Pupatello, who lives in the 15000 block of St. Gabriel Crescent, said she and her husband were busy helping a next door neighbour bail out when they returned to find water filling their own finished basement, including a full kitchen and family room.

"My husband came back to get the pool pump in our basement to help the neighbours and he saw the water coming up," said the mother of four young girls.

She said it was the first time they've been flooded.

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