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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Homeowners Fear Mold

When Karen Heath and her roommate returned to their Annapolis condo after a week-long trip to Massachusetts, they opened the door to find a nightmare: The pipe to the ice maker had burst, causing severe water damage to their home of 16 years.

To complicate matters, both women are mentally disabled and suffer from health complications. The condo was packed with piles of their possessions.

The damage was bad enough that they needed new flooring and drywall, and they couldn't afford it.

"It only takes 72 hours from the time water hits a surface to become mold," von Schilcher said. "They have a lot of content in the house and, by the time they got back, there was already a mold smell. One of the women has asthma. It wasn't safe for them to be living there."

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