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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Still Cleaning Up After Flood

Some Fairmont residents say they're fed up with the draining problem on their street and that Sunday's rain hasn't helped the situation.

"Homewood Avenue just looked like a river. I missed it because I was asleep, but when I got up on Sunday morning, the neighbors were digging out. That's when we found out about the damage. Half of the neighbors didn't even know it happened until they woke up on Sunday morning," said resident Chris Griffith.

He said an elderly lady lost her car in the flood, the second time it's happened to her since she's lived here.

Griffith said the Marion County Commission brought people from the Day Report Center to clean up her basement, which was flooded with more than four feet of water on Sunday.

"We took our community workers from the day report center and helped her get her basement cleaned up and take stuff upstairs where they would go through it and haul some of the stuff away that was ruined," said Commissioner Butch Tennant.

Residents said they'd like to see more drainage systems installed along Homewood Avenue.

"There's no drains at all except for these. Everything else that comes down, it comes straight down the middle of the road, and takes that hard right into their driveway, or it continues down and goes into Hickman Run Creek at the bottom of the hill."

Griffith said the flooding issue has been going on for 30 plus years, and that the neighborhood is waiting for the city to come out and look at the drainage problem.

He said in the meantime, residents are helping each other out, and cleaning up the mess that Sunday's rain left.

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