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Monday, August 22, 2011

Lab Helps Flood Restoration Efforts

Powerful rainstorms have recently hit three counties in Southern New Jersey and caused flooding. Unfortunately, many of these property owners will face environmental contaminations when returning.

Today, Federal and state agents will begin preliminary damage assessments in three South Jersey counties hardest hit by heavy rains and floods earlier this week. Cumberland, Salem and Gloucester counties will be inspected by the Federal Emergency Management Agency and state Office of Emergency Management to help determine whether New Jersey will get federal disaster recovery assistance. The preliminary damage estimate for Cumberland County is around $20 million.

Tragically, flood waters have entered countless properties, ruined belongings and soaked building materials. These flooded properties not only have to deal with water damage issues and subsequent mold growth, but also environmental concerns since the flood waters may contain sewage, bacteria, asbestos and chemical contaminants. “Residents and businesses who have experienced flood damage to their property are advised to contact their insurance company and open a claim for damages”, states Joe Frasca, Senior Vice President of EMSL Analytical, Inc.

As the cleanup process begins mold contaminants that have begun to grow in the properties and any microbial or chemical contaminants that entered the structures with the flood waters could cause health problems. EMSL, a full service testing laboratory can help by providing testing equipment and analysis for mold, bacteria, asbestos, mycotoxins, endotoxins, sewage contamination indicator organisms and all types of chemical contaminants. It is important that properties with these pathogens or chemical contaminants be properly remediated. Otherwise future building occupants could be impacted by everything from allergies and infectious diseases to exposure to cancer causing chemicals.

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