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Monday, August 22, 2011

County Building Open Despite Water Damage

County building fully open today despite Friday flood

A crew continued to work Sunday at the five-story Santa Cruz County Governmental Center to clean up a flood from a broken water valve in a fourth-floor restroom Friday evening.

The center will be open today, but some hallways might be partially closed as restoration and drying work is being done, said Nancy Gordon, the county's director of general services.

Friday, at 6:30 p.m., about 90 minutes after the regular close of business, a clean water pipe burst in a restroom, sending water cascading downward. The deluge came about 90 minutes after the regular close of business, but 15 employees were evacuated. It's unclear where those employees worked, but the 24-hour Sheriff's Office is located on the third floor.

An environmental assessment will be done at some point, Gordon added, to make sure everything has been cleaned and dried and is sound. The assessment will cost $5,000, she said, as that is the insurance deductible amount.

A firm estimate of what the total mop-up cost might be was unavailable Sunday.

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