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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Flood Victims Say $2000 Not Enough

A Murray community continues the overwhelming task of cleaning up after a flash flood caused thousands of dollars in damage. Last night Salt Lake County decided to help, paying up to $2,000 for each home damaged. Homeowners tell ABC4 that simply doesn’t start to cover the costs.

Last week a burst of rain was just too much for South Walden Glen Drive. A pipe up the street was under repair; it was nearly finished and just couldn’t handle the rain filling a gully behind homes. The water needed somewhere to go and unfortunately, it was inside homes.

Jenny Harknes also owns a home on Walden Glen Drive. She told ABC4, “I need all brand new furniture, brand new carpet, I’m out of my rent money, my washer and dryer.”

Starting over is overwhelming and expensive for each of the homeowners. Gurinder Ehaliwal said, “We don't have that kind of money to cover all that losses. I don't know who to turn to.”

Help isn’t coming from Insurance Companies. This Murray street isn’t in a flood zone, so the homeowners never signed up for flood insurance. Now the county says they will help, but at this point with only the $2,000.

When asked about the $2,000 Ehaliwal said, “It’s like a slap on your face. That's what I think.”

Harknes said, “I think that's an insult. It’s an outrage. $2,000 isn't going to fix this.”

County officials told ABC4 News, the $2,000 isn’t necessarily the end of their help. In two weeks they will present the total damage estimate reports from each homeowner to the County Council. At that point, they could decide to give out more cash.

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