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Monday, October 31, 2011

Money for Flood Damage Repair

An ordinance allocating $50,000 to pay for Hurricane Irene-related damage done to borough property was introduced at the Tuesday, Oct. 25, Borough Council meeting.

The $50,000, which will come out of the capital improvement fund, will be used to pay for three separate projects — a sinkhole on Fawn Run and drainage repairs on Woodland Terrace and Willow Avenue Road.

Borough Council received an estimate on the sinkhole project which puts the cost of filling the hole at $13,000, plus materials.

Council members said that it would be difficult to estimate the amount needed for materials on the project, so they decided to appropriate an additional $2,000 based on the estimated cost of materials.

The sinkhole on Fawn Run is so large that it cannot be accurately measured, said Councilwoman Martha Tersigni.

“Hopefully it will come in at a lot less. If you shine a flashlight down there, you can't see the bottom,” said Clerk Lisa Burd.

“If we shoot a little shorter, we have to go back and do it again, which is probably a little worse,” said Councilman Eric Weger. “I don’t see it going over $50,000 for the three major problems that we have here. I would certainly be comfortable with $50,000 and hope we only use $20,000,” Weger said.

“We’re hoping that all these funds will be reimbursed to us by FEMA,” said Tersigni.

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