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Monday, October 10, 2011

Rain Takes Over Property

A Fort pierce family got water front property this weekend as acres of land became filled with rain-water from the storms that battered the Treasure Coast.

The Wilders family was forced to bail water from the comfort of their living room, as the rain took over their property.

"When we seen [the water] rising, we got on the phone and tried to call people to help us and nobody wanted to help us," said Richard Wilder.

Most of their front yard, and even their living room, was left under three inches of water or more.

"Oh I stayed up till about three o'clock in the morning, bailing water out of it all night, cause it kept flooding in there," Richard said. "I finally just got tired of pumping the water out of it."

The flood-water ruined thousands of dollars worth of renovations and possessions.

"A lot of furniture, guns, gun-safes, everything," said Richard.
Purchased back in 2009, the Wilder's home was a steal. The previous owner sold out, after Tropical Storm Faye thundered through.

Since then, Richard has made numerous attempts to forestall another flood, but he says neither the county, the city, nor the South Florida Water management district have stepped up and admitted there is a problem.

"I have walked back there...and looked at the ditches," Richard said. "The ditches are all growed up and nobody wants to clean them."

Back in June, St. Lucie County and the Water Management District held a meeting less than five miles from the Wilder's home to deal with the precise problem the Wilders now face.

Richard is less than pleased with the results, and says any action taken to fix the problem will be too little, too late.

"I ain't got the money to replace the house now," he said. "All my stuff is in the living room. What am I going to do with it? It's gone."

With more rain on the way, the Wilders are packing up and leaving home for the night. They only hope that they'll have a home to return to once the waters recede.

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