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Monday, October 10, 2011

Warehouse Fire Causes Roughly $1 Million in Damage

Even as losses continue to mount, a promise to workers at a burned warehouse.

Smoke still hovers tonight around the 3G plant in Mountain Grove. Fire still burns at the warehouse fire crews fought for about ten hours there.

Filled with cardboard and other products, the warehouse had little chance once sparked. With the flames flaring --- it didn't stop one man from trying to put out the fire and eventually suggest it was intentionally set.

Being the first one to feel the flames inside Grisham Farm Products

Dustin Walker, who found the fire, says, "About halfway through, we could see the glow."

Walker, who not only works here but is a fire chief in Northern Wright County, did as he was trained.

"We went and got the fire extinguishers and we went back in there and there wasn't anything we could do for it," he says.

What started small ended up devouring a warehouse.

Fire crews and the owners were left on damage control.

Business co-owner Rick Grisham says, "I guess what really got me was when they opened the walls up and the flames wrapped around the cabin of the loader.

Early estimates suggest these flames have burned through anywhere from $600,000 to $1 million. Somehow throughout all of this, the owners have been able to absorb the loss with a smile.

"When you see what's saved, I can do that," Grisham says.

His business is really two in one. Because of quick thinking, he was able to keep the fire from spreading to his feed processing plant. It holds millions of dollars worth of equipment and will now be home to all of Grisham's workers.

"It makes me feel good they're going to take care of us," Walker says.

Walker will spend the next few days to not only give thanks but also reflect.

He says, "There is no power on this side of the wall. It started right back there at the second window. It just look suspicious to me."

Mountain Grove Fire Chief Mark Bushong says he found nothing suspicious in nature.

He says the fire marshal's expected to go over the damage on Tuesday. Bushong says these types of investigations can take months or years to determine exactly what started the fire.

The warehouse will have to be rebuilt. The owner says he'll likely have to replace the wiring in the processing plant. That could take anywhere from one to two weeks.

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