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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Flooded Basement Causes $38,000 in Damage

Town council received a report on the investigation into the Aug. 9 flood with a more detailed report promised for the future.

Council received a report from its director of engineering and infrastructure Lou Zarlenga Monday night which recapped what council had previously agreed to Oct. 24. The motion two weeks previous called for administration being back a report with a "reduced scope" and options for camera work and smoke testing and that the report include what preventative measures can be taken including a backflow prevention program and basement flooding protection issues.

Councillor Bob Pillon noted that Zarlenga wasn't at the meeting to answer questions nor did his report have any detailed costs so he believed receiving the report was all council could do. Councillor Carolyn Davies added that she would like to see the rationale for how certain areas would be chosen for the smoke testing.

CAO Pamela Malott said this was a report that was designed to keep council informed but that a more detailed report is coming in the future. She said "it takes time for the public works department to determine the costs and the scope" of the project but pledged that material would be before town council as soon as possible.

"It takes time for that report," added Mayor Wayne Hurst.

Hawthorne Cr. resident Merrill Power showed a letter to council in which he believed he was told action would be taken to alleviate concerns he had on his street. He said his basement saw $38,000 damage and that he could face issues with insurance coverage should his house flood again. There are five houses on Hawthorne Cr. that have similar issues, he said.

"We can't keep going like this," he said.

Hurst promised Power that someone would get back to him on the matter.

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