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Monday, November 14, 2011

Owners Unhappy With Officials

On a Wednesday morning last month, Jonny Henthorn woke to the sound of running water. It wasn't raining, but her back yard and her Woodside Drive home began to flood.

"I looked out the front, and there was a river flowing on either side of my house," Henthorn said. "I looked out my back window and saw in horror all the water. It was coming through the fence like a waterfall."

Henthorn is one of three property owners living downhill from the Pierce Burch Water Treatment Plant whose west Arlington homes suffered flood damage Oct. 26 after a 12-inch water main there broke while a contractor was renewing water lines.

Arlington officials said they have been working to help families with expenses such as removing damaged carpet and drywall, house cleaning and even pet boarding until the contractor's insurance company pays for repairs.

"We have tried to identify things we can do most quickly that would be the most helpful to the families," Water Utilities Director Julie Hunt said. "We have made a number of efforts and expenditures to help the families while they are waiting for the insurance to do their work."

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