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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Residents Seek Flood Relief

A few East Hanover residents, seeking to prevent a recurrence of flooding damage to homes, approached the township supervisors Monday night.

Gail Wise showed the supervisors pictures of debris washed into neighboring woods and farmland off Swatara Drive and Ono Road. She pointed out that, while the flooding from Tropical Storm Lee in September was particularly miserable, flooding itself is not an anomaly - some of these homes flood twice a year. One particular property, she added, is littered with trash that washes downstream each time it floods.

"We need flood areas rezoned on Swatara Road and Ono Drive," Wise told the board.

While the township cannot legally rezone for floodplains, Supervisor Tom Donmoyer said that the zoning ordinance does not permit the rebuilding of some damaged properties within the 100-year floodplain.

Any homes with structural damage that exceeds 50 percent of the home's value may not be rebuilt within the floodplain, officials said. The township may purchase the property of residents who meet such flood stipulations.

While working with the Federal Emergency Management Agency, Donmoyer learned of a Hazard Mitigation Grant Program. With that in mind, the supervisors approved the application for the grant program to assist in purchasing qualifying homes. The township has until Saturday to send FEMA the grant application and letter of interest.

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