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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Insurance Refusing to Pay for Flood

People in Arlington who had their homes flooded by a broken pipe at a water treatment plant will have to wait even longer while the city tries to figure out who is going to pay for repairs.

On Oct. 26 a 12-inch water main broke while a contractor was doing work at the Pierce-Burch Water Treatment Plant. The water flooded the inside of three homes.

Carol Cash said the city of Arlington told her the contractor’s insurance company would pay for damages, but Tuesday afternoon she got an email from the company saying it was not responsible and to look to the city to make repairs.

Neighbor Jonny Henthorn said the flooding has affected the foundation of her home and caused cracks on the walls.

“They haven’t done anything to repair my home. They’ve done stuff to get the water out. They’ve tested for mold. But nobody has said they will repair anything on my house,” she said.

The homeowners said the threat posed by the water treatment plant also makes it impossible for them to ever sell their homes. They want the city to buy the properties.

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