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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Thieves Targeting Flooded Homes

About 150 houses on Blackwood Estate in Streetly were affected by a burst water main on Saturday.

Walsall Council said thieves posing as council workers took possessions that had been salvaged from homes.

Stolen items included washing machines, dishwashers and fridge freezers that had been piled on driveways.

Walsall Council leader Mike Bird said thieves had been spotted wearing high-visibility vests to blend in with council workers helping with the clear up.

"I cannot believe people will stoop so low... and [have] stolen the white goods in people's hour of need," he said.

Local resident Samantha McCombie said: "Waking up to water in your house and getting my nine-month-old out of the house to safety was frightening."

A water main leading to the Barr Beacon reservoir burst in the early hours of Saturday.

South Staffs Water has apologised to residents and said it would help people affected by the flooding.

Alex Martin, head of water strategy for the utility company, said loss adjusters had been out to survey the damage and work out potential costs.

Flood water had been 3ft (0.9m) deep in places, according to West Midlands Fire Service.

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