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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Ocean Beach Apartment Catches Fire

An apartment building in Ocean Beach was damaged by a fire Thursday that was later determined to be accidental.

Firefighters were called to the El Dorado apartment complex on Cape May Avenue near Sunset Cliffs Boulevard at 11:40 a.m., Metro Arson Strike Team fire Captain Mike Merriken said.

When they arrived they found smoke coming from an upstairs unit at the two-story building, Merriken said.

Firefighters entered the apartment and found the kitchen on fire. The flames were quickly extinguished and contained to the kitchen, Merriken said.

Investigators determined that the fire was caused by plastic buckets that had been put on the stove.

The resident told investigators that he placed the containers there to warm them up and then forgot them and left. He was about five miles away when he realized what he had done and returned, Merriken said.

Damage to the unit as well as two below it that were damaged by water was estimated at about $85,000, Merriken said.

In a related incident, a woman who lives in one of those downstairs units was arrested after struggling with police, Lt. Andra Brown said.

Firefighters had gone into her home after the blaze was out to assess the damage and found water coming from an electric ceiling fan. One of them grabbed a cooler to collect the water and found it was full of marijuana, Brown said.

The resident then came home and demanded to be let inside her home. When an officer refused her entry due to the danger she fought with him, Brown said.

She was taken into custody on charges of obstruction and child endangerment.

She was identified as 31-year-old Larissa Danielli, Brown said.

Danielli had a prescription for the marijuana, the lieutenant said.

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