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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Burst Pipe Floods Hair Salon

The fire brigade were called to a hairdressers today, after a burst pipe in the property above flooded part of the salon.

Harmony Hair and Beauty, on the corner of Shenley Road and Drayton Road, Borehamwood, was flooded after a pipe burst in the boxing club above, and was left without electricity and water.

Siobhan Rosier, who owns the salon, said: “My neighbour phoned me at about 10.30am and told me they could hear water in down the back of the building.

“I came to the salon to check it and the hallway at the back was just full of water but luckily none got into the main part of the salon.

“I just hope the water will stop soon and so I can trade tomorrow. I need the water and power for by business and I can’t afford to be closed tomorrow.

“I’ve got customers relying on me and with it being Valentine’s Day; there will be a lot of ladies disappointed if they don’t open.”

The leak was the result of a broken pipe located in a boxing club above the salon.

The fire service were called to the scene and had to break into the club though the window at the rear of the building because the owner could not be contacted.

The fire service found the leak and stopped the water running, but Mrs Rosier has been told that the dripping will continue for a possible 24 hours.

Inside the boxing club was there was damage to kitchen where the pipes burst, but the club is remaining open while repairs are made.

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