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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Burst Pipe Floods Home

A DREAM holiday turned into a nightmare when a Chatteris woman returned home to find her house flooded.

Sarah Huebler was horrified to discover water pouring through her Clare Street home after she came back from Goa, where she had been holidaying with partner Andy Burley, from Ramsey.

A further leak later sprang up outside the house and was reported in last week’s Citizen, as it had been running for almost three weeks. Sarah and Andy came forward to tell their story after seeing the article.

The leak was discovered after the couple had spent a mammoth nine-and-a-half hours making their way from Heathrow Airport in the snowy conditions that greeted them as they arrived home on February 4.

Andy said: “We had to sleep on the motorway because conditions were so bad. Then we got to Sarah’s house and found a pipe had burst in the loft. It was a mains pipe, so the water kept going. The only things salvageable from the house were a table and four chairs. Everything else was ruined.”

Sarah’s parents had been to the house to turn on the heating just before they were due to land and things had been fine. It’s thought the pipe burst not long after they left, due to the freezing conditions.

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