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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Mold Causing Health Problems for Couple

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, living with mold in your home can cause everything from mild asthma to shortness of breath and even lung disease.

“The burning of the eyes, the coughing and the headaches, constant headaches,” said Frank Killian on how he thinks mold affected him.

Killen said he and his girlfriend, Deb, dealt with health issues for the past two years because of mold in his apartment.

Apartment management insists they were not aware of a problem and responded to all requests made by Killen.

“The caulking has mold, not the drywall or window,” said Katie Garrity, regional property manager for the North Union Street Apartments and James Management Group.

Garrity also said that aside from that, there is not any mold.

"This is his housekeeping issue,” said Garrity. “It is dirt, not mold.”

Either way, what is a person to do if they suspect they have hazardous mold inside their apartment?

You can call the health department so you know for sure, said Hamilton County administrator Barry McNulty.

"There are no set laws or regulations on mold because there is no way to quantify mold, and we all have different sensitivities,” said McNulty.

McNulty said before you rent an apartment, you need to do a thorough check of the home to see if it has mold. Also, he suggests getting a mold addendum in your lease in case you need to move out due to mold.

That was the case with Killen.

“It got so bad, we couldn't live there,” said Killen.

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