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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Burst Pipes Flood Bar and Grill

Burst water pipes have shut down Cityside Bar and Grill in Coon Rapids, but only temporarily.

Cityside opened at 133 Coon Rapids Blvd., where Paddy Wagon’s Irish Sports Pub was formerly located, Dec. 1, 2011.

But the morning of Saturday, Jan. 14 before the restaurant opened for the day, six water pipes burst in the loft area flooding the restaurant, including the kitchen area.

“We were open for six week and now we are closed for six weeks,” said Susan Neumann, who owns Cityside Bar and Grill with her sons, Jonathan Lietzau and Benjamin Lietzau.

According to Neumann, the burst water pipes were part of a compressor/refrigeration unit in a storage room in the loft area.

There was a vent from the unit in the roof, which malfunctioned, Neumann said.

The vent was defective, she said.

It took some time for the water from the burst pipes to be pumped out and the restaurant and kitchen areas to dry out, Neumann said.

And the damage from the water means that major renovation work is now taking place, she said.

“We have basically had to start from scratch,” Neumann said.

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