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Monday, February 13, 2012

Water Main Break Floods Several Homes in St. Louis

A water main break has left part of a South County neighborhood under water. The main broke around 4 p.m. Thursday and in less than an hour water was running into some homes.

This is on the Affton Mehlville border in this Lemay neighborhood. The water now shut off in the area so crews can try and dig through the mud to get to this main and repair it.

Skyfox flew over the scene and you could see the water just pushing right up from the ground and then running straight downhill to Deibold Court and flooding about a half dozen homes on that

"It was just boiling out of the ground." That`s how Scott Schmidt described the water main break.

"One guys driveway was coming up and rocks were flying out," said Schmidt.

The Missouri American Water Company says its hard to know why the main broke but it was put into place in the 1950`s.

The company was able to shut water off in order to make repairs but not before basements were flooded.

We spoke with one man who had a brand new car in his garage that connects to his basement, that car and his basement were flooded."By the time I went into the basement there was probably 2 feet of water," said one resident.

It wasn`t just his basement that flooded. The connecting garage flooded as well.

"I have a brand new car in their," said the owner. "6,000 miles on it and it`s full of water."

Another witness says it was like a river suddenly appeared in her driveway but there wasn`t any time for sandbags.

"All you could do is watch it," said Sandy Stragliati. "I mean what can you do."

In some homes the water was several feet deep. That's because the water was not shut off for more than an hour.

Some of the families that were flooded say the damage could have been avoided if that water had been shut off quicker.

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