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Monday, September 26, 2011

Family Returns Home After Flood Recedes

Ever so slowly things are beginning to return to normal in flooded areas of Schuylkill County.

For the Jones family things are beginning to return to normal. Janet Jone had time to cut the grass, while George got rid of some flood debris. The family just got back into their home after sleeping in their camper.

"We were trying to sell it. We had it up at Jerry Kinsels here in Pine Grove to try to sell and thank god it didn't sell. We were able to go out and get it here and we lived in for what, about two weeks," said George Jones.

There is still a lot of work to do in the Jones' home in Pine Grove, but as they look around they can't help but remember the night of the flood when several feet of water from Swatara Creek swamped their first floor.

"Scary. The worst night of my life. We had no idea when the water was going to stop. We watched it coming up, I went out at one point tried to go out to go up to the fire house to get help and as soon as I got out here I knew the water would have taken me right over," Jones added.

The fast-rising water trapped the couple. They headed to the highest part of the inside of their home, the kitchen counter.

"It was as he said, scary. You couldn't lay back on the counters," recalled Janet Jones, "but then who could go to sleep when the water was rising slowly."

The Jones want to thank the volunteers who are helping them piece their lives back together.

"That's one thing that came out of all of this is know how good people are to help us, strangers to us, people that we never met before," George Jones said.

The Jones family said they will stay in Pine Grove, even knowing without some flood control, they could be flooded again.

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