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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Fire Sets $275,000 in Damage to Home

About $275,000 damage was done in a house fire Thursday afternoon near Eola and Ferry roads in the Aurora-Naperville area.

Aurora firefighters responded to the house fire call at 56130 W. Sunrise Road in Naperville Township at 2:10 p.m.

The fire started in a two-car garage on the property near Aurora’s northeast side before spreading to a back porch, according to Aurora Fire Battalion Chief Ed Oros. The fire then spread quickly to the house.

Battalion Chief Steve Weatherly estimated the fire caused about $275,000 damage to the home.

The fire was under control within 15 minutes of crews arriving on scene.

“We focused on inside the house — the garage was too far gone,” Oros said.

A van parked inside the garage and the garage’s collapsed door were the only identifiable remains of the garage after the fire. Oros said the house was not totaled but had extensive fire damage.

According to Oros and Weatherly, the homeowners were home when the fire started. A man living at the property who was painting outside saw the fire, called for his wife to come outside and then called 911, Oros said. No one was injured in the fire, and nearby homes were not affected, firefighters said.

Firefighters did not know late Thursday what started the fire, but an investigation is ongoing.

The property owners were on scene but declined to comment, according to firefighters.

According to Oros, Naperville Township contracts with the Aurora Fire Department for fire protection.

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