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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Flood Damages 2 Apartment Complexes

A massive downpour Monday night led to flooding damage at 12 apartment units in St. Petersburg.

Eight of the units are at the Monte Cristo Apartments located on 88th Avenue N in St. Petersburg. The other four units are at a complex across the street.

Alll suffered damage from the flooding, during which water seeped inside most of the apartments.

Water marks at the Monte Cristo Apartments were as high as 2-3 feet. The highest water marks across the street measured one foot high.

The American Red Cross said they helped two families find a place to stay last night after the flood. Others found another place to stay the night on their own.

The families were able to return to their residences on Tuesday, after the power had been restored.

Many of the renters spent Tuesday looking for sandbags, to protect themselves if any more rain fell in the next couple of days.

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