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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Mobile Home Park Flooded

For people in one Luzerne County community, after being flooded a fourth time by a nearby creek in a span of one month, fatigue and frustration are taking hold.

Residents at the Valley Stream Mobile Park said if it keeps raining, they will get flooded out again by Big Wapwallopen Creek.

Alma Gregorowicz surveyed Wednesday the damage left behind at her home after flash flooding from nearby Big Wapwallopen Creek filled the streets.

Her neighborhood at the Valley Stream Mobile Park in Mountain Top was left submerged by the creek's waters overnight.

It's the fourth time the park has flooded in the last month.

"The creek come over. It looked like the Susquehanna River running right through the lower part of the park," said Gregorowicz. "This is four times in one month, really fed up. I'm to the point where I just want to sell my home and more out."

Authorities evacuated the Valley Stream Park in late August during Hurricane Irene, when the Big Wapwallopen Creek dam overflowed.

To people living there, it feels as though it hasn't stopped raining or flooding since.

As they continue to watch the rain fall, they are also keeping watch on the creek.

Its waters are still high and running fast and many said they think it will overpower its banks yet again.

"Every time it rains we get flooded," said Gary Cooper. "We got to keep doing repairs and the funds just aren't there."

Many there are at their wits end.

"My house, everything is taken out of it. My kids toys are down the creek," said Charles Ruckle. "Everything is gone. We got to start all over again."

While the residents are desperate, they are still keeping strong for each other.

After the foundation of one trailer washed away, neighbors kicked in, propping it up on cinder blocks to keep the home off the wet and flood-prone ground.

"We try to help each other out the best we can but we can only do so much," said Cooper.

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