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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Oregon Couple Troubled by Sewage

Months after a pumping station failed and sewage flooded an Oregon City home, its owners say they still haven't been fully reimbursed.

Suzanne and David Riggio were stunned when a flood of sewage, coming from hundreds of other homes, spewed from their toilet in April.

The Riggios were able to get their carpet cleaned and have some materials removed, but they said they can no longer live in the house.

And the city's insurance company said it couldn't make any further advance payments.

When Oregon City Mayor Doug Neeley was asked whether the city was taking responsibility for the damage, he said, “The assignment of responsibility will be made in the courts."

Homeowner Suzanne Riggio said she just wants the city to reimburse them for the damage the backup caused.

"Just fix what you damaged. That's what we're asking for,” she said. “Now we've lost our house. We can't live here."

The Riggios said the city still hasn't fixed the problem with the pump, and there's no guarantee the same thing won't happen again.

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