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Friday, March 2, 2012

Burst Pipe Floods Church Again

A MAJOR pipe burst has caused flood damage to a church for the second time in five months.

St Anthony’s Church in Saltney’s High Street was hit after the 12-inch water main burst causing a ‘torrent’ of water to pour on to the road causing parts of the pavement to break up.

Dorothy Dudley-Jones, who has lived on the High Street for 30 years, said water had flooded under her floorboards after seeping in through an air vent.

She said: “It was like a river. It came about an inch from the top of our doorstep. It stopped when they turned the main off. We were putting sandbags out.

“The water has gone under the floorboards in the front room. A joiner is going to have to pull it all up to see what damage has been done.

“When you don’t know when the water is going to stop, it is distressing. Our house is the lowest on the street.”

Other homes were spared similar damage when the main supply was switched off but water came within inches of the front doors of about 10 properties.

Tony Ellis, a member of the church, said: “The church cellar has flooded. It is right the way through. There is quite a lot of damage and a lot of water.

“Services won’t be affected, we will carry on as usual.”

A similar pipe burst in September also badly affected the church.

“The last time it took about two days to pump out all the water,” he added.

Cllr Richard Lloyd, the Mayor of Saltney, said the town council will donate funds to those affected by the flood which he described as a “disaster”.

He said: “There was water bubbling out of the road. There is a lot of damage. I could see masses of water. It was up to the kerb and on the verge of going into people’s houses. This was a major pipe which burst.

“It was like a mini earthquake. It has lifted the ground up, there was a lot of pressure coming through.”

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