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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Water Main Break Floods House and Closes Zoo

A water main break in east Abilene Tuesday sent a powerful burst of water that has damaged an Abilene home – and forced closure of the Abilene Zoo temporarily.

The Zoo was closed for over an hour because of low water supplies, according to the city communications manager. The zoo reopened for business when water was restored about 3 p.m.

Zoo officials said the zoo had plenty of water in pools and bowls for the animals but remained closed until repairs could be made.

A house and a pickup beside the house were damaged when the break caused a gusher in northeast Abilene, north of the zoo, on Northway Drive, on the north side of Highway 80.

Homeowners said the house was renovated just last year, but the water break sent a flood through and soaked the carpet. The water spout also blew rocks and debris high into the air, crashing down on a pickup and breaking its windshield.

City crews spent the day patching the section of pipe that burst, leaving 12 homes without water for much of the afternoon.

The city plans on replacing a mile of the pipeline parallel to HWY 80 but it could take up to five years before the project is started.

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