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Friday, March 9, 2012

Burst Pipe Floods Courthouse in Dallas

The Frank Crowley Courts criminal building remains closed Friday after a burst pipe flooded the first floor of the building with several inches of water the day before.
The building is home to several district courts, criminal district courts, county criminal courts, the district attorney's office and the county probation office.
Escalators, elevators and security check-in points remain inoperable, with only essential county personnel on duty Friday. All court business - including trials, jury duty and the district clerk's office - have come to a halt.
County officials hope the building will be open for business on Monday.
This is the second flooding of a downtown Dallas County building in the past two years. In June of 2010, a broken water main flooded the basement of the nearby Dallas county records building with several feet of water. Computer and electrical systems housed in the basement were destroyed, resulting in the district clerk and county clerk's offices remaining closed for over a week.
The flood did not affect the George Allen Civil Courts building, which is operating normally.

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