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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

200,000 Gallons Of Water Floods Home

A broken pipe inside a Lexington home went unnoticed for several weeks, dumping more than an estimated 200,000 gallons of water into the house.

Crews with Kentucky American Water were called out to the home on Otter Creek Drive early Tuesday to turn off the water, after a neighbor noticed icicles on the building that appeared to be coming from the inside.

"You can see water just coming out the side of the house and seeping through different cracks," said Bobby Scroggins, who lives right across the street from the house. "Blows you away that that much water would be coming out and doing the kind of damage it looks like it's doing."

Neighbors said the homeowners have been doing missionary work in the Philippines for the last several years and their daughter had been keeping an eye on the place.

"There could be ice all throughout the floors and of course, ice does damage to wood or carpet and everything else, so it's gonna be quite a loss," said Scroggins.

A spokesperson for Kentucky American Water said the company could not comment on specific cases, but they said they plan to work with the owners to help with the bill.

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