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Friday, January 7, 2011

Frozen Pipes Cause Problems In Arizona

FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. - It was a cold and snowy start to the new year in Arizona's high country. Freezing temperatures are keeping one group of experts working around the clock.

Five buildings at Northern Arizona University reported flooding after their water pipes broke because of the bitter cold temperatures.

Students at Sinagua Middle School have Monday off since classes were cancelled because of broken pipes.

Michael's craft store will re-open on Monday. They were closed Sunday due to a frozen pipe. Firefighters say that may have caused the front facade of the building to cave in.

Dozens of people who live in the area are without water. No showers, no working toilets - all after pipes burst and crews had to shut off their meters, making a busy day for plumbers.

Over the weekend, the Arizona Dept. of Transportation had their hands full clearing I-17, I-40 and Highway 89.

It's quite a mess up there. The good news is out of all of this, if you're heading up there for vacation - maybe to do a little skiing - all of the major roads are open. No issues have been reported, but still be careful as you drive up there and check the roads one more time before you leave home.

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