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Monday, January 10, 2011

Burst Kitchen Pipe Floods Restaurant

ROCHESTER — The 103 Restaurant on North Main Street will be closed for at least the next week after a water main burst in the kitchen Friday afternoon.

Assistant Fire Chief Richard Giguere said the department received a call at around 1 p.m. reporting water coming down from the ceiling into the kitchen. Giguere said the water was coming through the kitchen's vent hood into the fryolators.

"We found a domestic water pipe up above the hood," Giguere said. "There was a heater up in the crawl space. The core broke, the water was just kept pumping through and it went through the ceiling."

Giguere suggested there was some type of malfunction with the heater that caused the break. He said they would have to close the restaurant until the pipe is fixed and the heat can be turned back on.

"The sprinkler pipes are up there, too, and we don't want them to freeze," he said.

Public Works employees were also at the scene Friday afternoon to shut the water off to the building, Giguere said.

Owner Eric Farris said the burst caused the kitchen to flood. He will be bringing in Servpro, a Dover-based company that specializes in cleaning up fire and water damage, to clean up the kitchen.

At this point, Farris said it's too early to assess how much repairs will cost, but expects to have an insurance adjuster on site in short order.

"All the interior finish in the kitchen is going to have to be replaced," Farris said. "It's because of the food in the kitchen. We can't run the risk of any kind of mold getting in there."

Farris mentioned that all the equipment in the kitchen will also have to be removed and cleaned because of the flooding, and that some of the water also got into the 103's basement.

"No one's going to notice it when it's done because it's all in the kitchen," Farris said.

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